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Frequency Electronics, Inc., Announces Thomas McClelland as Interim CEO, Replacing Stanton Sloane Who Has Retired

Jul 13, 2022

MITCHEL FIELD, N.Y., July 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Frequency Electronics, Inc. (“FEI” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ-FEIM) today is pleased to announce Tom McClelland as Interim CEO, replacing Stanton Sloane who has retired effective July 8, 2022 from the company and its Board of Directors. Tom is Frequency’s Chief scientist and has been with FEI for almost 40 years. He has led the company’s research and scientific efforts for 10  years. He is one of the foremost experts in precision timing and space related applications. He has the highest level of security clearance with the US government and holds a PhD in physics from Columbia University.  

FEI Chairman General Lance Lord (ret.) remarks, “We are thrilled to have Tom as our Interim CEO. His expertise in space and timing is one of FEI‘s and our nation’s most vital disciplines for defense and security. Over my career, I have witnessed firsthand the absolute critical nature of high reliable position, navigation and timing information. Military, commercial and civil space and terrestrial networks are rapidly expanding and precision timing is more relevant now to mission success than ever. FEI is at the leading edge of technology innovation and produces the most sophisticated space and terrestrial products. We are going all out to accentuate our position. We have an extremely talented team to execute this mission. The coming period will affirm our success and extreme focus on protecting the US and our allies in this endeavor. Additionally, the Board has tasked independent director and former Chairman Russell Sarachek to lead a team to formulate a comprehensive strategic plan for FEI. This is an exciting period for FEI and the space industry and we will be laser focused on success. We thank Stan for his service to the Company and wish him the best going forward.”

FEI Interim CEO Thomas McClelland commented, “I worked closely with Stan for the past 4 years and wish him all the best in retirement. In reflecting on the position which the Board of Directors has asked me assume, I look back on 38 years at FEI, working to keep FEI’s technology current, and to deliver reliable quality products to our customers. I am extremely bullish regarding FEI’s outlook, and look forward to leading a committed workforce at FEI, including a new generation of very talented engineers and scientists.”

About Frequency Electronics
Frequency Electronics, Inc. is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high precision timing, frequency generation and RF control products for space and terrestrial applications. Frequency’s products are used in satellite payloads and in other commercial, government and military systems including C4ISR and electronic warfare, missiles, UAVs, aircraft, GPS, secure communications, energy exploration and wireline and wireless networks. Frequency has received over 100 awards of excellence for achievements in development of high performance electronic assemblies for over 150 space and DOD programs. The Company invests significant resources in research and development to expand its capabilities and markets.

Frequency’s Mission Statement: “Our mission is to provide precision time and low phase noise frequency generation systems from 1 Hz to 50 GHz, for space and other challenging environments.”

Subsidiaries and Affiliates: FEI-Zyfer provides GPS and secure timing ("SAASM") capabilities for critical military and commercial applications; FEI-Elcom Tech provides Electronic Warfare (“EW”) sub-systems and state-of-the-art RF microwave products. Additional information is available on the Company’s website: www.frequencyelectronics.com

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Contact information:

Dr. Thomas McClelland, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Steven Bernstein, Chief Financial Officer;
TELEPHONE: (516) 794-4500 ext.5000

WEBSITE: www.freqelec.com

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