Management Team

Management Team

Dr. Stanton Sloane
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Stanton Sloane was appointed Chief Operating Officer in September 2017. He has served on the Board of Directors since August 19, 2016. Dr. Sloane is a veteran Aerospace Industry executive with 30+ years of experience in large aerospace companies and as a public and private company CEO.

Steven Bernstein
Chief Financial Officer

Steven L. Bernstein joined the Company in 2010 as Controller.  In 2016 he was appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer.  Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Bernstein worked in the North America accounting group of a Fortune 500 electronics distributor. Steven is a Certified Public Accountant with an extensive 15 plus year background in financial reporting, budgeting, internal controls, risk management and auditing.  He graduated with honors from the Queens College, City University of New York with a dual major in Accounting and Economics.

Adrian Lalicata
Vice President, RF & Microwave Systems

Adrian Lalicata joined the company as Vice President of RF & Microwave Systems in 2006. Prior to joining the company, Mr Lalicata served as Vice President of Engineering at Herley-CTI and Communication Techniques, a Dover Company. Mr Lalicata has served as Director of Engineering at Microphase Corp. and Adcomm, Inc. He also held leading engineering positions at Loral Electronic Systems, Cardion Electronics, and Airborne Instruments Laboratories.

Oleandro Mancini
Sr. Vice President, Business Development

Oleandro Mancini joined FEI in 2000 and serves as Sr. Vice President of Business Development. Prior to joining FEI, Mr. Mancini served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Satellite Transmission Systems, Inc.  He was Vice President of Business Development at Cardion, Inc., a Siemens A.G. company. Previously he held the position of Vice President, Engineering at Cardion, Inc.

Dr. Thomas McClelland
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist

Thomas McClelland joined the company from Litton Industries as an engineer and was elected Vice President of Commercial Products in 1999. In fiscal 2011 Dr McClelland became Vice President Advanced Development further describing his expanded role in the Company.

Steven Strang
President, FEI-Zyfer

Steve Strang has extensive engineering, operational and executive experience in the time and frequency industry.  Steve was prominently involved in designing the first timing equipment to use SAASM military receivers.  Prior to its acquisition by FEI he had been employed by its predecessor, Odetics.  He has held various positions including; Systems Engineer, Project Engineer, Program Manager, Engineering Manager, Vice President of Engineering and Chief Operating Officer.  Throughout his career, Steve has developed products in varying areas including artificial intelligence, solid state space recorders, network security, video traffic detection and control, non-invasive glucose detection, and advanced precision time and frequency technologies; all sharing the common theme of embedded systems.  Steve has a BSEE and a MSEE and has taught computer programming on a part time basis at Cal State University for 12 years.

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