Joel Girsky

Former President and Director of Jaco Electronics, Inc (retired)

JOEL GIRSKY has served as a Director of the Company since October 1986 and was Chairman of the Board from July 2016 until May 1, 2018. Until September 2017 he was the President, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Jaco Electronics, Inc. where he served in such capacity for over forty years until he retired. Mr. Girsky also serves as the Chairman of the Company's Audit Committee. Mr. Girsky’ s knowledge of the Company through his service as a director of the Company, as well as his experience as the chief executive officer of a publicly-traded electronics business, allow him to bring valuable insight and knowledge to the Board. Mr. Girsky also has been appointed and served on the Board of Stoney Brook University and The N. Y. State Labor Management Review Board.

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